The Road To Momentum

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Breaking The Freeze | Getting Unstuck | Being Happier | Achieving Goals The Treadmill I was stuck. The challenges and setbacks of business and my personal life felt overwhelming. As a family, we had to deal with a bad hand dealt us by the…

Maintaining Momentum When Faced With Setbacks

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7 Ways To Prepare For and Deal With Big Unexpected Setbacks Nothing New – The Universe hands Us Another Whammy – A few practical things to Get Ahead of The Curve so Your Business Survives and Thrives in an Uncertain Future Before the Coronavirus…

How to Become a Highly Skilled Procrastinator

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I have been intending to write this post for months and the lockdown has taken my own procrastination and putting the important things off to a whole new level. It’s proven an amazing opportunity to delay things. I’m not doing this…

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