What Should I Budget for Marketing?

There’s nothing worse (maybe a few things) than knowing you should invest in consulting or marketing and having no clue what it’s going to cost and what you should get for your money.

Our policy is to keep it transparent and simple and tailor each quote based on your specific business, no matter what the size or stage it’s at.

The Best Way to Set a Marketing Budget

The right way to do this is to start with your vision or dream, the bigger picture, then reverse-engineer looking at operating costs, turnover, and profit requirements. Now you are in a situation to look realistically at the costs of planning, implementation, and lead acquisition, that will directly achieve those targets.

Consider the things that will influence what you must spend to start, play, and stay in the game

  • The business lifecycle stage – and what this means in terms of traction,  cash flow, profits, and direct competitors
  • You don’t need to use every possible platform to get traction or grow
  • A medium to long term view
  • The nature of your products, services, and sector, and how competitive or costly the online market is
  • The level of trust or confidence you need to create and build in the marketplace – lots of customer time or money for engagement needs more trust and that takes longer to achieve

Measuring the return on this investment as easily as possible is part of the picture, and required to continually enable fine-tuning.

Indicative Costs For Coaching, Consulting and Marketing Services

We give indicative costs and have a fee structure that relates essentially to the level of complication or simplicity of the work and directly to the hours of relevant expertise required. Oh, and its all reversed engineered to the methodology mentioned above. So basically, we can cater for different size businesses at different stages of their growth lifecycle.

These costs are a guideline only and will be streamlined based on our consultation and planning with you.