An opportunity staring you in the face – Get your thinking cap on – If you’re clever the process of building your site can be the best way to clarify your vision, intention, business plan, and fine tune your strategy or re-energise things that have slowed down.

Our Approach to Website Design & Development

Your website is the centre of your digital marketing, content and messaging strategy.

Everything you do online – e-commerce, social media, email marketing, SEO and paid search –is easier to roll out and manage when it’s centred around a website designed to capitalize on customer conversion and integrated to other systems such as a CRM and marketing automation platform.

Instead of taking a brief based on what your competitors are doing (the usual methodology), we take a strategic, researched, customer-focused approach to website design and development, with an emphasis on attracting, engaging, educating and converting customers.  Our attention is on business impact, not a design fixated strictly on visual appeal which doesn’t necessarily achieve anything.

Stay in Control – Take Ownership

For smaller businesses we’ve created a range of simple but elegant WordPress template designs that can be adapted without too much customization, resulting in real cost savings.

For those who have more exacting requirements, we offer higher levels of customisation and will design from scratch.

Whether you are big or small the process remains the same and starts with research, brainstorming and customer insight.

We work with easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS), with WordPress as the preferred approach, which allows for a better user experience, easier modifications to web designs, such as changing copy or creating a new section of the site, and you aren’t tied down or lose control to a developer or third party business.

How the Design a Process Works

  • We start with Target Market Persona Development and Customer Journey Mapping to understand buying behaviour and the emotive factors that drive action. The depth of the dive depends on your level of understanding and insight.
  • We then create navigation structure, site architectures and basic wireframes to guide website design and prioritise key elements of a page.
  • Next, we overlay web look and feel onto the design, executing against a brand development brief.
  • We can even schedule a training session and if you have some basic IT and image processing skills you could design your own site based on agreed wireframes.
  • Once the designs are agreed, we develop the site.
  • Finally, we organise seamless integration with your other digital assets, including blogging, social media marketing, search marketing, email marketing applications and others.

Indicative Website Design Pricing and Cost Influencers

One of our aims is to bring attractive, professional websites within the reach of entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups, often on a limited budget.

The cost of your site is determined by the clarity of your vision, stage your business is at, content assets you already have (or don’t), how many pages you need, what content goes on the pages, and how much customisation you want to get the look exactly right. The amount of strategic consulting you require also plays a role.

As a rough guide, we offer four pricing and service levels.

We do of course include a valuable scaled down version of our full strategic marketing process with all small-business website design and development.

  • A Starter Site

    One-page website with four sections – Intro, Services, About, Contact. Basic customisation. From GBP 250

  • A Medium Size Site

    Six pages – Home, About, Services x 3, Contact. Medium level of customisation. From GBP 350

  • A Large Site

    10 + pages, high level of customisation and design. From GBP 600

  • E Commerce, Online Booking, and Large Membership Sites

    From GBP 900