Social Media Marketing For Geeks

Social media – the incredible growth of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and others has resulted in new pools of potential customers and new methods to target, reach and convert them. We use a structured, disciplined approach to assist…

Your Website, Social Platform Business Page, Online Ads and Campaigns Might Be A Big Waste of Time and Money

This is for startups, sole traders, small businesses, one-person shows, anyone who works really hard for their money. I'll say it again Your Website, Social Platform Business Page, Online Ads and Campaigns Might Be A Big Waste of Time and…

A Basic Post template and The post Marketing Procedure

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A Basic Post Template Title – Allude to a problem or pain and offer of a solution - E.g. Turning pain and suffering into an opportunity for growth Subtitle – Mention category, subcategory and a bit of detail about the post - E.g.…

How to Structure an Article

1 Most articles need a basic structure encompassing: The hook is an opening sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. The Introduction is where you make the reader aware that: They have an existing or potential problem It…

How to Add or Delete Facebook Business Page Users

How to Give Someone a Role to Work on your Facebook Page You'll need to be an admin to manage roles for your Page so If you're an admin: Open your Page Click Settings at the top of your Page. Click edit Page Roles in the left…

Target Markets and Market Segmentation

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All businesses talk a lot about markets and as humans, we sometimes throw a lot of big words, slang and jargon around that can make it tough for others to know what we’re talking about!  Sometimes, we get so used to a word, we don’t realise…

Entrepreneur, Startup or New Business - How To Set a Marketing Budget 101

How Much Should I Spend On Advertising That Potato? If you are an entrepreneur, startup or new business, there’s nothing worse than knowing you must spend on marketing and having no clue what it's going to cost, how open-ended it's going…

Healthier Ways to Market - Strategy Before Implementation

The Marketing community and services offered are infected by a nasty disease right now. That disease is making thousands of businesses sick, draining their profits, and causing them to lose faith and momentum. People are being unconsciously…

Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals

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SEO is the marketing discipline and process of growing the online visibility of a website or page in a web search engine's unpaid or organic results.