How to Build Your Own WordPress Website

WordPress powers 36% of the internet and there’s no reason you can’t DIY an awesome site if you have the time and are willing to learn a few things. It gives you everything you need to create anything you want. It’s flexible, secure, and powerful, just like you want your business to be.

Build a fan base. Promote your products, use advanced statistics and SEO tools, and connect with built-in audiences on social media to grow your business.

Open a store. Process payments, configure taxes and shipping, build a marketing plan

Start a blog. Everyone has a point of view. Make your mark online with the world’s greatest blogging tool, and join a community millions strong that’s waiting to hear what you have to say.

Getting started is easy with our Guided DIY Package

The Technical Bits

  1. We’ll set you up a temporary site on a fast secure server – in fact, the best out there for your location and market
  2. We  load up a premium theme with page builder, plus some premium plugins like Gravity forms and woo-commerce (and explain what those are)
  3. We help you register your domain, organize transfers and all the technical DNS name server stuff
  4. FTP set up, SSL certificate setup (secure site)
  5. User set up
  6. E Mail set up for your domain
  7. A menu structure and user navigation that will achieve your business goals – comes out of the free brainstorming sessions we do
  8. A home page set up using your media, copy, value propositions, and other content

Getting it together

  1. For each page in the menu structure, you’ll need to draft a basic Value Proposition – not perfect everything can be changed as things develop
  2. Some copy – a para or two for each page – keep it simple and to the point – talk outcomes not me me me
  3. A hero or main image – in high resolution – lets talk about this as its a hard one for people and you need to be organised – Google Photos is worth looking at for storage and sizing before upload is important.
  4. Your trading name – branding requirements etc – brainstorming and survey of friends, associates and family required.
  5. Your Contact Details – Names, Email, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Contact Business Hours, Whats App, Facebook messenger, Skype etc
  6. Your website user login details to the cms / back end where all the magic happens
  7. Practice for your driving test – go through over four or five weeks and it will stand you in good stead – hardly anyone does it and they remain totally reliant on the developer or designers.
  8. Sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop with useful stuff !

From here onwards

  1. We’ll invoice you for the set up we’ve done whilst you are getting it together
  2. We’ll invoice you for the 1st months managed hosting towards the end of the getting it together stage
  3. We set up our 1st paid consultation/ coaching session when its time and if you require it. This is going to be different for everyone and we’ll make sure its a win-win situation.