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The Treadmill

I was stuck. The challenges and setbacks of business and my personal life felt overwhelming. As a family, we had to deal with a bad hand dealt us by the Covid-19 pandemic. I knew we were not alone in this, but that fact was not much consolation. Income, career, health, emotional wellbeing, heavy conversations, drama, restrictions, bereavement, seemingly insurmountable issues became the order of the day.

When you are on a treadmill you likely step off when you have reached a time or certain distance. But what about the treadmill in your mind? The patterns that we unconsciously implement to stay within our happiness set-points. The told “truths”, beliefs and values that become our Story.

Conscious Leadership in Your Own Life

A mention of conscious leadership is necessary here because a commitment to conscious life, a way of living that life and of being, creates the environment necessary to build momentum.

Conscious, mindful people know when they are on a life-limiting treadmill, and they know how to get off. They become leaders in their own lives. They realise that Life is Now. and live from the reality that becoming happy is a fool’s errand, and being happy is a key to life and a life well-lived.”

Becoming happy is rooted in “If/then” thinking. “If I get that then I’ll be happy.” Being happy is rooted in a direct experience of reality, of this now moment. – Jim Dethmer

Happiness is being with what is without suffering. That happiness is available to each of us right now. The more I can be with what is right now without suffering, the more I experience happiness. The more I stop resisting what is, the more I experience that happiness. Peace, equanimity, imperturbability is here right now. I do not need to go anywhere, do anything, or get something to become happy.

Because conscious leaders understand the above and see through the illusion of becoming happy through if/then thinking, they set up their life with practices and rituals that remind them of the truth that happiness is already here.

Amongst these practices are affirmations of conscious commitments to a way of being, that supports their core values, and vice versa. Conscious Commitments and Core Values. In rolling out these practices and rituals one’s State (Physical, Mental, and Spiritual) changes, as does your Story (Beliefs and Understandings) and subsequently your Strategy (decisions and behavior). My Daily Rituals | Journaling and Note-Taking | Living in Gratitude | Natural Health and Wellbeing

So conscious commitments begin the process of positive change for us and those in our personal and work lives. Commitment comes from the Latin, committere, which means to gather one’s energy and move it in a chosen direction. Commitments are the entry-gate into “By Me,” a life free of victimhood, as opposed to the notion of life “To Me”; the way people show up when they are living and leading (either consciously or unconsciously) from the belief that life is happening to them.

A work and business spinoff.

As you do your work and spend more and more time off the treadmill, you begin to realize that it is good business, and good humanity, to support one’s team to get off the treadmill and to experience happiness in this now moment. What we discover is that people who experience being happy versus becoming happy are very motivated to create, collaborate, and compete. The motivation comes from a quite different place than the motivation to finally become happy. This new motivation is much more sustainable for the individual, the team, the organization, and the world. Facilitated Leadership Development | One on One Leadership Development

Change by Building Momentum

Part of my practice means that most mornings I wake up and follow a bit of a ritual, that includes (amongst other things) reading something inspirational. Back in 2020 one of my intentions was to somehow find a way to break the mental deadlock and stagnation I was feeling, find a way to help everyone in my family feel a little better during the pandemic lockdown, get traction for my new start-up, more leads, more customers, and start getting ahead. In the book pile (Warning – book piles are a good way to train yourself to become unfocused) was Dave Ramsey’s book on EntreLeadership – practical wisdom that always gives me something of value. I read Dave’s chapter dealing with great marketing and importantly his theorem dealing with momentum.

“It’s an interesting and somewhat elusive thing, but when you have momentum, everything feels like it’s going right and all you touch turns to gold.” Dave Ramsey

A year or so later, after many conversations, joining the dots, unjoining the dots, squiggles, brain dumps, arguments, aha moments, I decided to work with a modified momentum theorem and in doing so deal with Breaking the Freeze, Getting Unstuck, Being Happier, and Achieving Goals.

Momentum = (Clear Focused Intention/Time) x Belief

So, let us break this down. Bearing in mind that this works best in an environment of self-awareness and commitment to a conscious life, we believe that to Build Momentum in one’s personal and business life needs 3 main things.

  • Clear Focused Intention – Clarity, Focus, and Intention
  • Time – Time, Perspective, and Patience
  • Belief – Faith, Spirit, Understanding

Remember that if your work on state (wellbeing, energy), is non-existent, truly little, or all over the place, then your story does not change, neither does your strategy, and goodbye momentum.

Clear Focused Intention

Almost no one in today’s world, especially myself, can stay focused and remain undistracted all the time. If you can focus it will give you an almost unfair advantage. Focus is to a large extent dependent on clear intention – so you need to get that in place by serious reflection to build self-awareness. Personal Reflection and Building Self Awareness | Conscious Commitments 1-9 Ending Drama and Reinvesting Energy | I Now Meditate | Heart Math & Heart Rate Variability Training

  1. Self-awareness and reflection lead to becoming connected with your dreams, ideas, hopes, and wishes, then giving them legs to turn them into a clearer vision. Dreams, Vision, and Setting Goals
  2. It is hard (read not going to ever happen) to have a clear intention and focus if you have not refined your vision and set some smart goals to realise that vision. You also need to put in place the milestones to help you keep on track. Milestones and Task Setting | Accountability Life Coaching
  3. Now we are in a situation to set tasks to get the job done. Getting organised, getting stuff done, productivity planning – assisted by those habit-changing rituals plays a massive role here. Milestones, and Task Setting | Getting Organised and Inbox Zero | Productivity Planning | Keeping on Track.
  4. Focus also relies on learning to say no, being tight-fisted with your energy, and being careful to use your daily shot of willpower to develop new habits, which once developed frees up the willpower for something else. Saying no also means overcoming fear and building courage. My Ideal Week
  5. Focus relies on Concentration – which you can build up by finishing things and reducing social screen time and reduce continual sharing or giving away your energy. What you do here should be tailored to how you think, how you are wired – multi-potentialists and specialists need different things. Personal Reflection and Building Self Awareness
  6. Fear will make you lose focus – so if you think you are going to be in the same situation in 10 years – that’s fear, and you lose focus, and your biology takes a dive as it reacts to an imagined future based on a memory fuel by fear. Watch out for the Lizard Brain.
  7. Greed will make you lose focus – it takes you out of the moment and into a sense of celebrating victories not yet earned – you take your eye off the ball.
  8. Focused Intention must be intense – Intensity must be purposely directed at things that matter. You must be organised, have a clear Mission, clear value propositions, and have a system to be productive. Building Mission Statements and Personal Value Propositions | Productivity Planning | Keeping on Track

The difference between being wise or foolish lies in how we make decisions (Strategy), and what we think (Belief or Faith) about uncertainty (What you cannot control)


Time is a tricky one – when you find someone who can maintain focused intention over many months you have an unusual beast and will notice momentum in their lives – so you must stay focused and stay intense over an extended period – years very often! No Hurry No Pause, The Tortoise, and the Hare, Slow is Smooth and Smooth Is Fast, important words. Focus over time means you must have perspective and patience, which you build by working on your state. Conscious Commitments and Core Values | Perspective


We all finite mortal beings, so for energy to boost our Focus, Intention, Intensity, and Patience (Time) we need Faith, Spirit, God, Belief, Hope, Inner Strength, understanding …whatever you want to call it.

It is a VITAL component because if Belief = 0 then in terms of the formula Momentum will = 0

It’s easier to build Faith if you can put some energy into finding your passion, and depending on how you are wired, finding your passion can be hard or easy to do. Passion is not some static state of being, it will change with your season in life. Reflection and Building Self Awareness | Finding Your Passion | Conscious Conversations | Creative Writing.

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