How To Build a Marketing Strategy That Works

Identifying customer needs and problems and matching these to your solutions and benefits, with emotive and practical messaging, is key to marketing success.

The best strategic marketers use in-depth target market insight to drive segmentationtargetingpositioning and offer development, ensuring that the marketing plan and execution is grounded in reality and best placed to meet customer needs.

  • Assess and Research the Market

    Customer, Competitor and Company are investigated to uncover strategic opportunities. Market assessment grounds the team on the business and confirms key issues to address during any consulting engagement.

  • Segment the Market

    Define and develop a detailed customer profile then map the different segments and document potential opportunities. By using internal workshops and independent market research, we can ensure a  market-driven approach to, segmentation and subsequent strategy.

  • Target Marketing to Optimise Traction

    At the end of the day, there may be many possible channels to use to attract more leads and get your brand out there. Focus and maximise resource use. Target Marketing lets you focus on the most attractive segments, based on size, growth, benefit orientation and internal fit. This way you achieve traction as quickly as possible.

  • Strategic Positioning

    An important part of your value proposition is going to be competitive differentiation – why should prospects use you and not your competitors to do business with. Strategic positioning results in the most differentiated and credible expression of your core offerings.

  • Develop the Plan

    Marketing plan development involves formalising the business marketing mix and documenting the policy relating to product, price, promotion and place. It also looks at the issue of customer acquisitionretention and repeat business, and importantly getting referrals for new business