The Terra Vita Consulting Team

You’ll find that we’re dedicated, accessible, listen and work hard to understand your business’ needs. Although we network with a large associate team, we are proof that a high level of expertise and globalization can come in a small package.

Pia & Russel

Web Design, Development and Copywriting

Pia and Russel as a small business owner was super aware of the value of a good website in reaching out to clients and presenting a great first impression. They set out to find a way of giving people great-looking sites built to the latest standards, but at a price that was affordable. And so our Indaba Tree web design partner, WebRabbit was born. The Rabbit lives in Cape Town and is often seen in the city’s best coffee bars. See more at

Hop Online

Paid (PPC), SEO and Social Marketing

Optimising paid traffic, managing a social platform and distributing, effectively goes hand in hand with a successful digital marketing strategy, as is an art form in itself. Many claim to be experts but after facilitating this client service with Paris and working with his team from 2018 we know they are the real-deal and leaders in the field.


Marketing Strategy

Simon has a 25+ year career and is skilled in the areas of marketing strategy, cost and management accounting, brand promotion, product marketing, new business development, UX/UI, integration of CRM, marketing automation and accounting platforms and content -marketing. Additionally, he has excellent skills and a keen interest in the area of human resources development, processes, policies and management behavior aimed at maximizing entity human potential and empowering individuals.