To Clarify a Few Things About The Initial Consultation
  • It’s one of the most valuable things you will do with us
  • Whether online or face to face we’ll make sure it’s convenient for you, informal but thorough.
  • It’s an ideal opportunity for you to assess us and decide the depth of any engagement.
  • It’s the only way for us to assess the scope of the work and quote properly.
  • We don’t care how big or small you are right now, or the size of the project – the initial consultation is how we engage new prospects and grow our business as well.
  • It’s how we gain insight into your vision for the business and brand, identify competitive dynamics, and lay the foundation for subsequent project steps.
Kickoff Happens if You Decide to Engage
  • We obtain a detailed overview from you about the business and brand.
  • Review any existing research, business plans and marketing strategy documents.
  • Carry out interviews to address hypotheses, opportunities and challenges.
  • Profile primary competitors to determine their brand positionings and strategic intent.
  • Identity highest potential customer segments (e.g., behaviours, demographics, attitudes, needs, where they hang out online etc) for further research.
  • Obtain unique customer insights through primary research
What You Get Out of the Kickoff

It places you with enough documented information and in a position to engage further on a larger scope, on certain marketing projects only, or move forward with direction on your own steam.

Kickoff is a key input step for setting a brand vision.