A consulting proposal is the first step after an initial consultation, in clarifying project needs and required outcomes.

Every consulting project is going to vary per client and be unique, but there are some common steps to the approach.

  • An Initial Consultation and Kick Off

    It starts with an informal, but a thorough discussion. We obtain important inputs to help assess the market, you get the opportunity to ask questions and decide how you’d like to proceed. It’s all about clarifying the current strategic situation.

  • Setting a Brand Vision

    Where do you want to be in the future?. Strategic visioning is used to identify a range of desired positions and end states that serve to guide the upstream marketing development roadmap.

  • Define Target Markets and Customer Frameworks

    Target market position profiles are a most important step that segments and fully describes the customers, including the purchase process, possible customer journeys, touch points, and the emotive needs that drive engagement leading to an offer and sale.

  • The Strategy and Action Plan

    The strategy and plan development results in a detailed action plan for delivering on the customer promise and moving towards the strategic vision in a logical practical realistic way.

  • Implementing

    This is where we work with you in implementing and executing the product and brand action plans, on a project, workshop or retainer basis.