Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail – Brakes On People – Without some fundamentals in place your website, social campaigns and ads, will likely be a big waste of time and money.

The sad truth is that most people, business coaches, marketing consultants and service providers just don’t care about your business.

The ones that do care don’t have a stragey or plan that actuall works in practice.

You need people to work with that have the right intent and the ability,

Be wary of programs and services that are built around “energy”, “enthusiasm” or examples of top performing clients and dropped names, not the average client.

Basically many folk  are just saying “give me big money and I’ll tell you all the good stuff which works for a few people”.

Ok, So There Are Reasons Why You Should Not Work With Us…

  1. Don’t work with us if you want to “Get Rich Quick” – We can make the journey easier, but success takes a lot of hard work. There are no substitutes. If you believe in something for nothing, we can’t help you. You must be willing to pay the price for success.
  2. Don’t work with us unless your work solves a major life or business challenge, and your products, and services are of excellent quality, or this is what you are aimong for – Part of what makes our clients successful is that we empower them to command premium prices. That is, to charge what their services or products are really worth. If you don’t believe in your value how do you expect customers to?
  3. If you don’t understanding the difference between “telling people about what you do” vs “what outcomes you can achieve for them”, or why “demonstration beats proclamation”, then no offence but we’re not for you.
  4. Don’t work with us if you are not 100% committed to helping your clients and customers win – Our entire coaching, marketing and business philosophy is built around one question: “What is going to get the best outcomes for our clients?” That’s how we make every decision about everything in our business, from where we advertise, to the prices we charge, to how we deliver our programs. We will expect YOU to do the same thing.

How We Do Things

  1. It goes without saying that the advice and service you get should be expert and high-end no matter what size your business is.
  2. We break everything down into easily digestible bits you can take and implement on your own or with our help. The choice is yours. Our Expertise is aimed at helping you to make and implement better marketing decisions that will improve the performance and profitability of the business.
  3. The vast majority of new clients feel considerable pressure to get a new website up and running or embark on social media marketing, and more often than not we simply advise to put the brakes on, and clarify the strategy.
  4. The reason is simple – when it comes to successful (and manageable)  marketing – getting more and better-qualified leads, converting prospects, making more sales, retaining customers and obtaining referral business, the website and social is just a small part of the process, and if you don’t go through the basics, make sure some fundamental systems and internal processes are in place,  the treadmill speeds up and your marketing simply won’t work.
  5. Our approach is to go well beyond marketing and brand strategy reports accompanied by a fat invoice. We deliver clear, actionable plans with a track record of mentoring, training and helping our clients through the process.
  6. We work one on one, in a collaborative style with clients thus ensuring a better solution is developed, one that clients are confident can be effectively implemented within relevant limiting factors like budget and time. Importantly skills and knowledge transference occurs empowering clients to effectively do the job themselves to a larger extent.

How We Can Engage With You

Most of our consulting work is project-based, but we’re flexible in how we structure things to meet client needs.

We can work in several different ways

Coaching, Consulting, Workshops, Training

One on One, Small Group or B2B Interaction

Online Sessions, Online Training, Live Group Q & A, Email Support

Topics include Business Mindset, Building a Marketing Selling Machine, Wellbeing, Technical How To

A fancy way of saying we can work with you on various marketing projects, or provide specific services

Some business owners don’t want to learn how to do stuff, they just want ads and campaigns that work – that’s ok we can do it for you.

Retainers and Support

Not everyone wants to go it alone even when they know how.

It often comes down to a costing exercise taking knowledge base and time into account.

Giving on-going support to help execute recommendations and plans. Basically we can maintain that PPC or social media account for you to achieve optimum ROI