Brakes On People – Without the fundamentals in place your website, social campaigns and ads will likely be a big waste of time and money.
Our process is focused on putting marketing strategy basics in place and building sizzling stuff with you to guarantee results..

Focused on getting back to fundamentals to guarantee results, and empowering clients.

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It goes without saying that the advice and service you get should be expert and high-end no matter what size your business is. We break everything down into easily digestible bits you can take and implement on your own or with our help. The choice is yours. Our Expertise is aimed at helping you to make and implement better marketing decisions that will improve the performance and profitability of the business.

The vast majority of new clients feel considerable pressure to get a new website up and running or embark on social media marketing, and more often than not we simply advise to put the brakes on, and clarify the strategy.

The reason is simple – when it comes to successful (and manageable)  marketing – getting more and better-qualified leads, converting prospects, making more sales, retaining customers and obtaining referral business, the website and social is just a small part of the process, and if you don’t go through the basics, make sure some fundamental systems and internal processes are in place,  the treadmill speeds up and your marketing simply won’t work.

Our approach is to go well beyond marketing and brand strategy reports accompanied by a fat invoice. We deliver clear, actionable plans with a track record of mentoring, training and helping our clients through the process.

We work one on one, in a collaborative style with clients thus ensuring a better solution is developed, one that clients are confident can be effectively implemented within relevant limiting factors like budget and time. Importantly skills and knowledge transference occurs empowering clients to effectively do the job themselves to a larger extent.

How We Work

Most of our consulting work is project-based, but we’re flexible in how we structure things to meet client needs.  We can work in several different ways:

Projects could address specific issues, help clients make strategic decisions, or be more generic and encompass an entire marketing strategy. Our consulting proposal will set out the recommended project approach including the activities, responsibilities, outputs and resource requirements.

Tailored Workshops and Training

Training and workshops are matched to specific issues, systems requirments and knowledge gaps, curated for each client, and include collaborative research to maximize the workshop setting. Topics could include marketing strategy, systems implementation, website hosting and setup, upstream marketing, bookkeeping systems and setup, marketing fundamentals and focused strategic planning.

Retainers and Support

Not everyone wants to go it alone even when they know how. It often comes down to a costing exercise taking knowledge base and time into account. Giving on-going support, retainer relationships may arise out of consulting projects to help execute recommendations and plans. We assist clients with a number of ways, including actively implementing strategies and plans, and facilitating third-party recommended providers.