Healthier Ways to Market – Strategy Before Implementation

The Marketing community and services offered are infected by a nasty disease right now. That disease is making thousands of businesses sick, draining their profits, and causing them to lose faith and momentum. People are being unconsciously tricked into spending money in the wrong ways or too soon. Businesses are spending their hard earned cash only to walk away frustrated and disappointed.

The disease is basically like politics. It’s a focus on seemingly quick wins like nice websites and whimsical content with a lack of focus on results, or the consultants ability to be honest with business owners and explain that without going through the basics first and refining strategy – most of the quick win and often most sought marketing services are going to be a waste of money.

Most customers are buying the “Done-For-You Website” package, or into the promise that “We’ll look at your competitors and do things marginally better and you’ll be set”. Never mind that the competitors just copied their competitors when it came to marketing.

We’re running into too many people and business with a major problem – they not getting results. It’s compounded by the fact that even if they were getting results there are no easy mechanisms to measure the results, cost the results and fine-tune them.

The key to successful marketing is about strategy, not the platforms or distribution channels. It all starts with Target Market Persona Developmentyou cant develop a strategy, content, messaging – anything ! until you nail down the target market – and sorry, you can’t do that properly based on gut-feel or 30 years of experience.

Marketing Done Right