Content Marketing and digital marketing go hand in hand, and great content remains the single best long-term strategy for achieving consistent and compounding growth in organic search traffic over time.

The primary deliverable of our content strategy is a thorough editorial calendar that maps out proposed content topics several months in advance.

We work with a creative team:  a copywriter works out the verbal branding while the graphic designer handles the visual aspects.  These two parts need to come together in the final creative, with one complementing the other.

We take a target market persona-driven approach by identifying and shaping a clearer idea of your potential customers. By speaking with and surveying your existing customers, we identify their needs, unique pain points, and buying decision triggers.

With these personas clearly shaped, our main objective is to identify and solve content ‘pillars’ based around their pain points.

Content pillars ascribe topical authority in the eyes of Google. These are actual pages that most of your blog posts (and other forms of content) will link into and strengthen for SEO.

Content Production

Our network of content writers and editors can create high-quality content across several major languages. We can also work with your in-house writers to execute the content strategy.

Content types and formats range from informative, editorial copy (e.g., blog posts, expert articles, whitepapers, and ebooks) to persuasive sales copy and landing page development.

The Process

Client Approved Content Brief – A detailed outline with clear instructions for the writer on the target market persona, main topic, subtopics, sources of research, primary and secondary keywords, suggested internal and external links, and calls-to-action for the reader. The client always approves the brief prior to the start of the writing.

First Draft | Editorial | Final Revisions | Publish | Promote

Content Optimization

Websites may have large amounts of content published from years past. Many of these pages rank competitively and bring quality organic search traffic to the site. In some cases, going back to existing content and re-optimizing those pages offers greater growth opportunity than creating entirely new pages.

Our goals in optimizing existing/indexed content are :

Boost a page’s overall search rankings
Expand the number of unique keywords the page ranks for
Improve click-through rates (CTRs) from search results.

Pages that rank towards the bottom of page one (or on the second page of search results) for highly-searched keywords make attractive targets for optimization. After prioritizing these pages, we:

Rewriting page titles and meta descriptions
Optimizing tags such as H1s, H2s and alt image tags
Creating new internal links to the page from other high authority pages throughout the site.

Content Promotion

After publishing a piece of content, a separate member of our team promotes it through social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora. Promotion normally includes a Facebook ad campaign to boost the post’s reach and engagement.

By promoting the content piece among relevant online groups and communities (immediately after publishing), we create positive user engagement. This, in turn, tells Google that the content is high quality. The content promotion also increases the likelihood that someone will link to the page after reading, which further benefits SEO efforts.