Our bookkeeping and financial management consulting services for sole traders and small companies are focused on empowering business owners to take control and make their lives easier.

The Financial Services Story

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’ve been there – when you don’t have the knowledge or right systems in place you can quickly get drowned in paperwork. We try to keep up with the demands from the tax department, your accountant, investors, the bank and other stakeholders – keeping everyone happy but ourselves.

With hope and in desperation we buy into the idea that a 3rd party bookkeeping service can sort things out – they’ll even tell you that they can quickly build up understanding and knowledge of how your business operates and save you time and money. Before long you have another stakeholder to manage and need to start scrutinising timesheets when things take ages to do.

A Better Way

There’s a better way to do this and make your bookkeeping and financial management virtually effortless, even if you do decide to carry on with an external bookkeeper. It requires a mind shift, some simple systems implementation, some one-on-one training, and demystifying the professional jargon financial people like to use.

When To Talk To Us
  • When you need to decide between doing it yourself or outsourcing. With hourly rates for an outside bookkeeping service running from £15  to £30 an hour (£180 a day on average), depending on complexity and location, or hiring a trained, experienced bookkeeper on a contract basis for £150 a day it can quickly add up. So this is an important decision to make – and one that’s not easy if you don’t have a financial background.
  • When things are in a mess and you need to get crucial accounts out quickly or tend to the demands of an important stakeholder, the bank or tax department.
  • When your  accountant is chasing you for information to do VAT returns and  end of year accounts
  • When you are fed up with the bookkeeping for your own business. When spending evenings and weekends with receipts and a computer is not your idea of fun after a hard days work.
  • When you realise you actually get peace of mind from knowing exactly what’s going on with the numbers, and you don’t just need to prepare the books for third party demands.
Why Use Us
  • We are marketers, salesman and financial managers first, accountants second. Because of this, we can actually build up a knowledge of how your business operates and advise on a sustainable approach to taking financial control and implementing the most appropriate systems to take you forward.
  • We have over 25 years of experience and are accountants by profession.
  • We have your business interests at heart and believe in empowering clients not taking on the work for a monthly retainer fee.
  • We guarantee we can make things simpler, save you a lot of time and money, and give you a bit more peace of mind with respect to financial matters.
  • Cross value opportunities and insight in the areas of marketing, sales and new business development.
What We Can Do
  • Financial management consulting and systems implementation advice
  • Business financial plans know-how  and budget preparation
  • How You can do your Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Dealing with Invoices, receipts & expenses
  • How to do Cash Flow Forecasts
  • What Computerised Accountancy Systems to use
  • Credit Control and collecting money
  • Preparation of Final Accounts for Sole Traders and Small companies
  • Cost and Management Accounting