Coaches, Farmers, Soldiers, Bankers, Bakers, Candle-Stick Makers, Teachers, Builders, Doctors, Trainers, You Name It …. We all need Momentum

Momentum is when everything you touch seems to turn to gold, deadlocks are broken, things happen. it’s elusive, but we’ve all felt it.

Momentum = (Clear Focused Intention / Time) x Belief

What Building Momentum With Us Looks Like

  1. Sort out your State – The things that help us move from storytelling monkeys into homegrown humans–playing full out and living at full strength.
  2. Know Thyself – Understand The Big Picture, Communicate your truest self, develop a mission and value proposition that’s honest, and that other humans can relate to
  3. Build Clear Intention and Gain Focus – Gain perspective, turn your dreams into vision by giving them legs. Set SMART goals, milestones, layout the tasks and plans to get the job done
  4. Layout the roadmap with a business marketing and financial plan to raise finance or capital when appropriate, and bootstrap when that is the way to go.
  5. Build a winning content strategy and a website that doesn’t suck the life out of you.
  6. Attract, Sell and Wow for more customers and to gain traction, tweak and repeat.
  7. Learn practical, targeted, and profitable marketing, that is relevant to your business lifecycle.
  8. Get much better organized to increase personal well-being and productivity.

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