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Winning Brand Positioning & Architecture

Creating a robust, unassailable brand position is a make or break proposition. We can help express and align your brand strategy with communication activities to capitalize on value and avoid falling into the trap of viewing the brand initiatives only in terms of communication or failing to successfully link branding efforts to the overall business […]

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Start with a Dream, Refine your Vision, Set your Mission, End with a Goal

In 1978 I was a happy 12-year-old growing up in a sleepy Southern African town called Bulawayo in what was then Rhodesia. In hindsight, those were strange times. I knew about the bush war raging in the countryside, but only really thought about it when father put on his uniform, left his business to be […]

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Maintaining Momentum When Faced With Setbacks

7 Ways To Prepare For and Deal With Big Unexpected Setbacks Nothing New – The Universe hands Us Another Whammy – A few practical things to Get Ahead of The Curve so Your Business Survives and Thrives in an Uncertain Future Before the Coronavirus Pandemic and lockdown wiped a mass of business overnight, and friends […]