When you are suffering in your career or work, and struggling with business issues, it’s most often because you are essentially lost in thought!. Until you learn and implement practices of mindfulness and clear focused intention, there is no alternative. You will always be at the whim of the next event and the associated sentence or image that happens to appear in your mind.

Terravita Consulting is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our careers, work, and businesses. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, and find happiness. It’s about people.

My name is Simon. I’m a general, financial, and marketing management specialist, who has been growing businesses, helping develop individuals and teams since 1994, by sharing my own entrepreneurial experiences and learned skills.

I live in the UK where Leicestershire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire meet, with my wife and dogs. This is where I write, consult, eat mainly vegetables nowadays, walk, train, and read.

So you’re looking at this website, reading some of my posts on how to achieve goals, and how to get more leads, get traction, do great marketing, and you’re wondering … what exactly are this guy’s qualifications, and can he help me?

Well, I’ve got a degree, qualified way back as an accountant, and had lots of experience. This doesn’t mean I’m an expert, or a doctor, or a coach. I certainly haven’t made millions of pounds and I’m not a world-class athlete. I am a regular guy, a father of two, a husband, and a businessman. I was born in Zimbabwe and lived in Cape Town for many years before moving to the UK. I have accomplished a lot over the last 20 years (and failed a lot) and along the way, I have learned a lot.

I’ve learned that it’s hard for most of us to know what we’re really good at. You need to pinpoint passions and articulate capabilities into something more descriptive and transparent than the usual convenient categories. Having worked across a multitude of sectors and industries, I now consciously seek the kinds of things in life and work, where I fit naturally and know I enjoy. That is not usually mass consumer products or an entity that is pursuing nothing other than long-term financial objectives. I’m drawn to and get great fulfillment from helping new businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, re-starts and larger corporates succeed, become better places to work at, and further develop their commitment to making this world a better place. I look for transparent engagements with clear values and goals that can benefit from greater efficiencies, developing individuals to achieve more, efficient internal controls and organisation, clearer strategies, focused target marketing, and creative new-business-development solutions.

Patience, Resourcefulness, Courage, Perspective, Conscientiousness and Gratitude, is my mantra.